How to Enable USB debugging?

USB debugging is a way for Android devices to communicate with Android SDK (Software Development Kit) via a USB connection.

For un-rooted devices, if you want to use the control function, it is an essential step to enable USB debugging to perform the Root-free setup of Panda Control Personal Edition.

Usually, the steps to open "USB debugging" are as follows.

1. Open the system settings of the device, enter [About device (phone)].

2. Click [Internal version number] several times (usually 7 times) and then see "You are now in developer mode".

3. Find [Developer options] in the settings, enter it and turn on [USB debugging].


If your phone is running Android 4.2.2 or higher, you may see the following pop-up window when you connect your device to PC, please check [Always allow debugging from this computer] and click [OK] to allow USB debugging on PC. USB debugging on PC.

If you accidentally clicked Cancel, disconnect the device from the PC and reconnect it so that the pop-up window is displayed on the device again.